Greetings from Moscow!
I’m, Bogdan Byvalyy, the graphic artist, portraitist and caricaturist. is my personal website, mail, telephone 8 917 57 97 555  to book а portraitist, (or may be the party caricaturist who will entertain the audience) on wedding party, corporate event, in short all types of parties.  Here  in Moscow I naturally work with a Russian audience, and I do speak some English.

Party caricature

How it works:
During fiesta I take some place in the banquet room and I do sketching everybody  who will deign to pose.  The basic equipment  for drawing is: a wooden tablet, paper, pencil. Additional equipment is not normally required, however, in a mobile studio includes: easel, portable lighting, the costumes. We can discuss various scenarios performances caricaturist at Your event.

How to order:
The customer and the artist should agree in advance about the following:

* Agree in what technique to draw:
The most popular technique for live sketching is a charcoal pensils           (on average, 10 minutes to draw one). See the pictures — click on the text in red.
The fastest technique — felt-tip pen, contour drawing without semitones, for approximately 5 minutes.
The technique of bright — Colored cartoons in the technique of colored markers. A colour cartoon from 10 to 15 minutes.

* Agree about speed drawing: draw in waltz tempo, or faster, like tempo rocknroll? As we already know, the speed can develop up to 20 caricatures per hour, depending on the choice of the technique and style of drawing.
* Agree on the subject of cartoons: draw only the face, as fun portraits of the pure from nature, or drawing of a person drowning up plus figures and unpretentious genre scenes?

* At the same time agree on the price issue. Approximate fees can be found here cartoonist price , the exact amount call for. The links above are in russian. Its easy to translate with google translater